Empowering Women in Animation for International Women’s Day!

March 8, 2024
3 min read
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Today, we highlight some thriving talent at MAKE—a celebration of their achievements. These inspiring women are shaping new perspectives in the animation industry!

As we celebrate these talented women, let's kick off the festivities by exploring a few of our artists' favorite projects. Each frame is not just a snapshot in animation but a vibrant piece of their creative adventure!

MAKE's commitment to equality surpasses mere diversity for representation; it involves channeling diverse experiences to create narratives that resonate universally. The past year has been a whirlwind of creative ideas for MAKE, culminating in the conception of two new MAKE Original Micro Shorts. Each was directed by incredibly talented animators who were given the opportunity and took it to new heights.

"My artistic journey has been about having to create my own opportunities, from when an additional internship position was created for me at Warner Bros to being hired on to push forward narratives for MAKE Originals. Evolving into a screenwriter, I've cherished the collaborative spirit at MAKE, especially with mentors like Kevin and Josh. I've found respect and support at MAKE as I've stepped into the director's seat. As we've all seen, there's been an amazing explosion of women and gender-nonconforming students in animation, but there's work to be done for more of us in directorial and executive roles.

Reflecting on how the desire to have children could negatively impact my career, I aim for society to break through the ways we treat mothers. I believe the peak of my career will come after having my first kid, not before- bringing new wisdom and experience to my storytelling." - Natalia Poteryakhin, Story Artist

"As a newcomer, I initially felt the need to be modest and not overstep, seeing myself as a sponge soaking up knowledge. When the call for another MAKE Original series came about, I almost didn't pitch, but last-minute courage and an incline idea changed that. When my pitch was chosen, not only did I feel heard, but my style of animation (specifically wolves) was seen and reciprocated with excitement!

I've found that vulnerability, often viewed negatively, is crucial for self-awareness and improvement in the creative process. Now more than ever, I believe that if you want something badly, you have to be aggressive about it—whether it's a project, an idea, or self-improvement. Our history as women has reflected a passive role, but now, with the opportunity to establish ourselves, we should be proactive about our wants in life. It's about breaking free from traditional expectations and seizing opportunities with determination and passion." - Emily Cabrera, Story Artist

MAKE continues to pave the way for a future where talent knows no gender, and creativity flourishes without constraints. We are shaping an environment where every voice is heard, and every story is told.

Thank you for taking a moment in celebrating the women at MAKE who are not just shaping animation; they are transforming an industry. Here's to creating a future where animation truly reflects the diversity of voices that make up our world.


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