Uncovering The Mysteries In Our Latest Micro-Short Series ‘House On The Outlands’

April 11, 2024
3 min read
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This 2D animated gem tugs at your childlike heartstrings—a nostalgic trip with a cosmic twist.

We're BACK AT IT AGAIN with our latest MAKE Original creation, 'House On The Outlands': a spooky retro-styled action-comedy that delves into themes of power, duality, and the ever-elusive boundary between good and evil. Go see for yourself; the first episode is out!

This marks our fourth adventure series crafted specifically for our micro-short format, constantly pushing the boundaries of our storytelling prowess!

Josh Schneider, the animation director of the series, brings the essence of "House On The Outlands" to life, "we marry elements of cosmic horror/weird fiction with the playful nature of classic Saturday morning cartoons from the 80s and 90s. This bold fusion of genres sets the stage for a series that's all about fun and never takes itself too seriously."

Creative Director Danny Robashkin adds, "With 'House On The Outlands,' we explore the duality of power and the thin line between good and evil. It's a tale that challenges not just our characters but also our viewers to question the nature of the unknown that lurks within us all. And also, it's so much fun!"

The series follows the serial adventures of Harmony, a young girl who wields dark powers to defend her mom and home from evil. However, her abilities, though used for good, are tied to malevolent forces threatening the universe.

This series journeys through visually striking landscapes where perpetual gloom and ominous settings set the stage for cosmic horror adventures, drawing inspiration from legends like Lovecraft and Tartakovsky. The animation style seamlessly blends hand-drawn and puppet techniques, ensuring both vibrancy and efficiency in production.

To add an extra layer of excitement and a sneak peek behind the scenes, now that you've caught the first episode, why not indulge in some nostalgia? Take a trip down memory lane and witness how it all began by checking out the animatic of the first episode from the archive!

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Series Credits:

Production: MAKE
Creative Director: Danny Robashkin
Animation Director: Josh Schneider
Animator: Adam Musa Othman, Emily Cabrera, Emily Park, Josh Schneider, Menghan Wang, Rayna Buxton
Background Artist: Adam Musa Othman, Jacklyn Kim, Josh Schneider, Jun Liu, Kotta Katsuda, Menghan Wang, Rayna Buxton
Compositor: Alec Mueller, Josh Schneider, Paola Velez Miranda
Writer: Natalia Poteryakhin, Josh Schneider
Executive Producer: Matthew Notti, Oren Robashkin

Animation Partner: Demente
Executive Producers: Carlos Gaxiola, Angel Ibarra
Head of Production: Majo Calderon
Production Manager: Sandra Reyes Valle
Background Supervisor: Zartosht Soltani
Background Artist: Addi Rosales, Amaranta Huequelef, Belén Pazmiño, Citlalic Lizarraga Rodriguez, Crosby Guerrero, David Montesinos, Misael Mendez
Animation Supervisor: Mark Pecoraro
Animator: André Quintero, Andrés Toscano Ávila, Angelica Navarro Macias, Daniel Saldaña, Eduardo Perez Ambriz, Luc Rouby Germain Rodríguez, Mafer Ramírez Castellanos, Maly Díaz Domínguez, Paulina Padilla, Pedro Eduardo Yañez, Scarlett Rodríguez Garduño, Salvado Sánchez Del Real, Sandra Delgado León
Compositing Supervisor: Diana K. Samayoa Ortega
Compositor: María Fernanda Ponce González, Miguel Salazar Sedano, Santiago Tamayo Rodriguez
IT: Victor Sosa Estrada, Oscar Ibarra

Music/Sound Design: Steve Horner


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