New Animated Micro Short Series ‘BraveHurts’

September 20, 2023
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'BraveHurts' is a medieval fantasy series featuring the bravest of himbos who will do anything, and risk it all for the chance to hold onto something they can't have. Dumb. Star-Crossed. Morons. 

Hear ye, hear ye! MAKE Originals is excited to roll out our latest micro-short series, BraveHurts. Inspired by classic medieval tropes and fairy tales, these are the stories that didn't quite make it into that story book of yore. Conceptualized by Josh Schneider, BraveHurts was designed in the spirit of a comic strip and brought to life by our 3D animation team. Coming fresh off the heels of Dead Moon Walking, ‘Bravehurts’, is a quest into the realm of medieval shenanigans. 

BraveHurts - Official Trailer

Fairytales offer us a lesson, fables fill us with wonder, BraveHurts is about one thing and one thing only—loot. Riding under the humor is an honest look at our more fickle and foolish desires. It's darn good fun for a quick minute, before the consequences of such pursuits start settling in.

BraveHurts Production Team:

Original music from Steve Horner, of Horner Music, imbues each story with a bardic lyricism that calls out to the days of those more classic looney toons. BraveHurts doesn't pull any punches, and Horner's Music ensures that you feel every one of them.

Each micro short is a self-contained riot, perfect for satisfying your merry-medieval cravings in bite-sized portions. ‘Bravehurts’ is the perfect blend of medieval madness and modern-day comedy, ensuring it's a hit with viewers of all ages.

Technical Director Aaron Dabelow shares the secret sauce behind the series, saying, "We obviously drew from a Monty Python-type humor — when you see the characters trotting along, you can almost hear the coconuts from The Holy Grail."

Thee Dauntless Marcheth On | EP 1 | BraveHurts

BraveHurts first episode is LIVE—Episode 1! Prepare to be regaled with tales of gallant knights, bumbling squires, and damsels in distress. Stay tuned, every Wednesday at 4:00pm ET for new MAKE Originals micro-shorts & behind the scenes content on our YouTube Channel @makeoriginals.


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