Top 10 Heartwarming Animated Shorts for a Valentine’s Day Binge!

February 13, 2024
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Love is in the air, and what better way to celebrate than a movie marathon! We've curated a list of our favorite animated shorts that are perfect for the occasion. From laughter to tears, these gems will make your Valentine's Day extra special.

Feast (2014)

Description: Directed by Patrick Osborne, this Disney short follows a man's life through the meals he shares with his dog, capturing moments of love, growth, and companionship.

Disney | Directed by Patrick Osborne

Heinz Beanz. A Can Size for Every Aussie! (2017)

Description: This charming advertisement is precious. Nobody knew where young Geoff’s obsession came from. All anyone knew was that the boy loved Beanz! In fact, they were his entire life... but as is often the way, one moment, or one woman, changed everything.

KraftHeinz Australia | Directed by Damon Duncan

Hair Love (2020)

Description: Hair Love, an Oscar®-winning animated short film from Matthew A. Cherry, tells the heartfelt story of an African American father learning to do his daughter’s hair for the first time.

Sony Pictures Animation | Directed by Matthew A. Cherry

In a Heartbeat (2017)

Description: This beautifully animated short explores the journey of a young boy whose heart literally chases after the boy he has a crush on. Filled with humor and endearing moments, In a Heartbeat is a celebration of love in its purest form.

Ringling College of Art and Design | Directed by Esteban Bravo and Beth David

Kitbull (2019)

Description: Directed by Rosana Sullivan, this Pixar SparkShort explores the unlikely friendship between a stray kitten and a pit bull, touching on themes of connection, compassion, and love.

Pixar | Directed by Rosana Sullivan

My Moon (2020)

Description: My Moon is about Earth's relationship with Sun and Moon. The love story revolves around the sad nature of the way they have to co-exist, as Earth needs both emotional and practical values from both the Sun and Moon.

Chromosphere Studio | Directed by Eusong Lee

Piece of Cake (2022)

Description: In a heartwarming quest for love, porcelain bride cake toppers Val and Mara embark on a sweet journey across the bakery, defying their assigned grooms to find each other!

Savannah College of Art and Design | Directed by Sophie Feher

PUSHEEN'S Valentine ❤ (2020)

Description: A delightful Pusheen Valentine's tale unfolds as our adorable cartoon cat celebrates the day of love in the most charming way! Sweet Surprises await the internet's most lovable cartoon cat.

I Am Pusheen The Cat | Originated by Claire Belton

Soft Rain (2023)

Description: Embracing the wisdom of Vivian Greene, this award-winning short film portrays a man caught in a downpour of pink, fluffy balls while grappling with depression. He then encounters a cheerful-looking woman who warmly invites him under her umbrella. Together, they learn to dance in the soft rain—a simple tale of the love and comfort found amidst life's challenges.

Omens Studios | Directed by Sacha Goedegebure

"Paperman" (2012)

Description: In this Disney short, love blossoms through a mix of hand-drawn and computer-generated animation. Set in a bustling city, the film captures a romantic tale of love at first sight.

Disney | Directed by John Kahrs

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